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    "Families Helping Families" a pay-it-forward campaign
    Host: Maldonado, Fallon
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      • Raised
        $ 103.00

        • Goal: $ 5,000.00
    • During these challenging times, one thing we have felt is a sense of community, and the display of generosity in many forms. We have seen the need to help those who are helping others. We are launching our first,  Pay It Forward campaign ”Families Helping Families”.  This campaign gives the opportunity for grant member families to financially contribute to the future success of fee based families. Donations to the Pay It Forward campaign “Families Helping Families”  directly enhances the club experience of Brazoria County youth.  

      For the past two years, with the assistance of our grant through TEA (Texas Education Agency), we’ve been able to offer a grant benefit to many families just like yours. We know that you are so grateful and many of you would love to have the opportunity to pay this kindness forward in some way. Due to regulations, we are not able to offer the free grant tuition for all of our Boys & Girls Club locations. However, we do offer a reduced fee to the other participants, based on a sliding scale with tuition ranging from $20/weekly to $75/weekly per member.

      Today, the personal and financial struggles that so many families are experiencing are having a negative impact on our children. We believe every child should have the opportunity to succeed in life and experience a brighter future.  We respectfully ask that you support us in our 2020 Pay It Forward campaign ”Families Helping Families”.  And this is why our motto is: Great Futures Start Here.

    • We thank you in advance for helping others and making a lasting impact in our community!

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